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December 7, 2009

Marina and Adam

It’s been about a year that we have been getting to know each other and I am so blessed to have Marina and Adam in my life.  I’d love to share their entire love story with you, but I think the pictures say it all.  They have known each other forever and conquered a lot together over the years.  Now they are husband and wife and SO very excited about it!  Notre Dame was the perfect place for them to marry.  It was an honor to photograph Adam on the steps in front of the golden dome that is reserved only for those who graduate.  Students enter through the back door until they graduate.  They earn those steps!  So many sentimental details.  I could add a dozen more pictures, but here are a few to enjoy for now.  .  We enjoyed hot chocolate at the South Bend Chocolate Company each morning and after the wedding sat at a small wine bar to watch the game and unwind, but Notre Dame didn’t win that night.  Marina and Adam, thank you so very much.  I can’t wait to photograph your first baby and see you again in Chicago!  Much love, JenniferWEDDING_marinaadam

  1. Connie Mikolajczyk says:

    Dear Jennifer & Jordyn ~

    It would seem impossible, but somehow you managed to capture the absolute joy and happiness of Adam and Marina’s day. The photos are exquisite; each more lovely than the next. I send you my most heart-felt gratitude.

    Connie Mikolajczyk

  2. Bruce Pfaff says:

    The pictures are wonderful and come close to doing justice to a great couple on a most beautiful day. Thanks for sharing it with us, Bruce and Deborah

  3. Janet Babinski says:

    These are beautiful pictures of a perfect couple taken on a glorious day. Adam & Marina’s happiness shows in every picture. Thank you for sharing them with us. Janet and Ed

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