Ok, so I am totally partial to these boys as I have been photographing them since before they were born.  Every year I look forward to the outfits Tawnya finds.  This year while I did enjoy the bow ties and vintage jackets I have to say the costumes that really made me smile were the handmade Santa and Elf.  What retro style!  The elf costume was their Uncle Bailey's from when he was little (shot his senior pictures two years ago) and the Santa costume was a Tawnya original!  The boys were really great sports about all the wardrobe changes.  Hi Ayden!  Miss Jennifer loves you so very much!  HORNSBY

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  1. Tawnya says:

    Thanks yet again Jennifer for your talents and patience with the boys! We love these pictures and can’t wait to share them with family and friends. We love you too Miss Jennifer! :)

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