"You're my favorite thing
about everyday".

hello world.

Growing up as a Navy brat I traveled often and from a very young age learned the value of documenting memories.  Knowing I would move often it became a regular part of our family life to take photographs to remember the experiences we were fortunate enough to have as a military family. I love sharing my passion for pictures with clients so they too can preserve the past to ponder in the future is a beautiful gift. 

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1976 picture of 4 year old Jennifer
Subic Bay, Philippines

Everyday I learn something new and often times I travel to different states and even countries to experience new cultures and document special moments. I don't take for granted the quiet of lulling a newborn to sleep or the art of conversation helping a corporate client feel at ease in front of the lens. The psychology of photography is just as much a part of my job as F-stops and shutter speed. 

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