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June 2, 2009

Meghan and David

Not sure who I love more, Meghan, David or Reilly (guessing on the spelling guys!).  I have been so excited about these two.  Their wedding day is going to be amazing with the reception at Meghan’s family home on Eagle Creek.  We shot the engagement session a few weeks ago.  Remember the night where it went from beautiful to total thunderstorms around 8 pm?  Well, that was us getting LUCKY.  We shot for about two hours and just as we were finishing up the rain came down.  I had my little helper, Emily, with me to hold reflectors and help make our four-legged friend smile.  She wants to move in and swing on the tree everyday.  In fact, I want to be neighbors with these folks they are so fun and the land is so peaceful.  Thanks “Queen Pam” and Dr. Lemons for having me as part of your only daughter’s day!  I can’t wait to meet the rest of the family (although I did meet genius-man brother, thanks for the fishing lesson with Emily).33

Delicious Bass

Delicious Bass

A little something about Meghan, she LOVES games, particularly SCRABBLE and bananograms.  David proposed to her like so:lemons-4-29

Reilly's mom and dad

Reilly's mom and dad

lemons-88-40lemons-105-18Emily was lucky enough to get a nice push from David.  LOVE that swing!!1111

Imagine doing this every night?  heaven!

Imagine doing this every night? heaven!

 The calm right before the storm!lemons-147-23lemons-81-39

  1. Pamela Lemons says:

    You are amazing Jen!!! We Love you!!


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