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June 2, 2009

Kittens for Adoption

When our old neighbor got their boat out for the season they found a litter of five multi-colored kittens.  I find it amazing that one litter can have 5 DIFFERENT colored kittens. Today my best friend Nancy and I with the help of our 5 children had a mini-shoot with the kittens so everyone can see how cute they are and hopefully we can find a good home for them.  If you know of anyone who wants a kitten this is a great opportunity.  There are 4 males and one female (the calico).  I am partial to the grey and white guy…well, actually I love them all.  We already have a kitty and she would be mad if we brought another home:)  If you are interested please e-mail me and I’ll put you in touch with Nancy.  They are all dewormed, shots, etc.  Nancy does things right, she rescues all the time!kittenstyle

  1. Nancy says:

    Hi, this is Nancy: If you are interested in the kittens, you can contact me directly at:


  2. Phebe Blackburn says:

    Jennifer!!!! I trapped the mom of these kittens and oh! my! Goodness!! what beautiful photos and such a great idea. Do you mind if I send them to our feral line? Thanks so much for doing this..wish you could do this for all the homeless cats..thanks, Phebe

  3. Maureen Owen says:

    Hi Nancy!
    I’ll post these on Petfinder and soon we can get them spayed/neutered too. They sure tamed up nicely:)
    Jennifer, thank you for this, this is exceptional!

  4. jennifer says:


    It is my pleasure to feature the kitties! I hope they all find a home. If I had room for one more I’d love the calico or grey and white one…they are all precious. My cat isn’t much of a cat lover though, she likes to fly solo:)


  5. Heather Crowther says:

    Do you realize that the reason kittens in the same litter can look so different is because they can all have different fathers? Sounds crazy but it is true!

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