I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend Morgan and Brad's beautiful wedding day with them. I don't think the day could have gone more perfectly for this special couple. We were blessed with a fifty-degree, sunny, January day to shoot. The sweet, intimate ceremony was followed by a beautiful dinner, hot chocolate bar, and dancing with close friends and family. Morgan is smiling with that contagious smile of hers in every photo! What a fun couple Morgan and Brad are... They couldn't be more adorable together! I may have gone a little crazy with the detail shots, I just couldn't help myself. Everything about the day was so special. hemmich_blog16 hemmich_blog6 hemmich_blog32 hemmich_blog14 hemmich_blog8 hemmich_blog13 hemmich_blog21 hemmich_blog hemmich_blog5 hemmich_blog34 hemmich_blog7 hemmich_blog35 hemmich_blog33 hemmich_blog24 hemmich_blog20 hemmich_blog12 hemmich_blog41 hemmich_blog18 hemmich_blog17 hemmich_blog22 hemmich_blog15 hemmich_blog3 hemmich_blog40 hemmich_blog19 hemmich_blog39 hemmich_blog38 hemmich_blog42 hemmich_blog37 hemmich_blog36 hemmich_blog27 hemmich_blog23 hemmich_blog28 hemmich_blog4 hemmich_blog2 hemmich_blog29 hemmich_blog9 hemmich_blog25 Venue: Ambassador House, Fishers Cakes: Heavenly Sweets Caterer: Julie Davis Hair: La Dolce, Carmel

One response to “Morgan + Brad | Ambassador House, Fishers”

  1. Bob Hemmick says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!

    Love you guys!

    Uncle Bob & Aunt Connie

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