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September 7, 2014

Nicole and Michael | Notre Dame Wedding Basilica of the Sacred Heart and The Brick

Florist: Cher and her amazing team, Merry Me Events Event Planner: Cher, Merry Me Events DJ: Pat McKillen Church: Basilica of the Sacred Heart Reception: The Brick Cinematography: Iron Kite Films Dress: Monique Lhullier Shoes: Jimmy Choo Hair and Makeup: Nicholas J Salon Lighting: ProShow

wagner1On some wedding days every moment and detail seem charmed to me. From the halls of Notre Dame to living in two cities far apart, Michael and Nicole’s relationship came full circle on July 18th when they said their vows. Finally husband and wife and now living life together (in the same house!) is truly something to celebrate. Because of the long distance planning Nicole and I never met until their engagement session, which we shot in freezing weather on campus at Notre Dame. I knew instantly when I met them I was going to LOVE their wedding day. What I didn’t know is that all of the wedding professionals that created that perfect day, who were complete strangers to me, would become like family in five minutes. Typically videographers and photographers compete for time, shots and occasionally get in each other’s way (still love you guys though). That wasn’t the case with Iron Kite Films. From my home state, North Carolina, Neil and Sean were amazing to work with and we easily stepped aside for each other. I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed watching them film with their drone. Definitely a signature element for them! Check out their teaser film here.

Then there was Cher, owner of Merry Me Events, and her amazing team. Cher’s experience and joyful personality was wonderful, but her expertise and amazing organization alongside her talented eye for design was absolutely a breath of fresh air. We just “got” each other and it was great. What Notre Dame wedding would be complete without an irish DJ? Pat McKillen kept the dance floor going all night long and his smile is contagious! He was on America’s Got Talent–fun fact.The Brick–a venue that is on my very short list of favorites was a treat to shoot in. They have thought of everything and created truly a chic atmosphere for weddings!!! I’m in love with the look of the space and can’t wait to return to shoot there again.

I have to say that my Annie has grown tremendously as an artist, a photographer and wedding assistant. She’s quick to jump in and fix small details before I even have a chance to call them out and she’s developed an amazing eye for moments. I’m proud of her work, especially on this wedding. Many images are hers and when editing we are getting to the point where sometimes we can’t tell who took what picture and that is a sign that she is getting GOOD, really good. Great job, Annie! It’s been amazing working with you and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you as a photographer.

I am just lucky and lead a charmed life as a photographer. Getting to share these moments is indescribable at times. Michael and Nicole, I wish you all the best!! Thank you for letting me share in your day and thank you for your friendship.

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  1. amazing! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Nicole Wagner says:

    I was looking back at these and wanted to say another thank you! These photos are beautiful and truly capture our day :) Both you and Annie are amazing!

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