I probably sound like a broken record, but I truly am so happy I get to share in some of the most important moments in life. Kristen and Marc's wedding day was amazing and to get to visit their home just days after little Anne Elizabeth's arrival to capture the first professional images of her. It made me so happy to walk in to their adorable home and see wedding pictures everywhere along with serious sage green accents--Kristen's favorite color and the color of her bridesmaid's dresses in her wedding. It was great to visit together again and little Anne is absolute perfection!! Marc and Kristen are going to be the best parents and how lucky they all are to have found each other. Thank you, guys! I adore you and can't wait to see you all again sometime soon.  baby_anne02Then there's Anne.  Sweet, soft and absolute perfection. baby_anne01 Life is better with three (and if you include furry child--life is better with four).baby_anne03Being a model is so exhausting. baby_anne03b baby_anne04 baby_anne05 Mark is pretty proud to be a dad!!!  Watchdog below...baby_anne06 baby_anne08

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