What a beautiful wedding Kelly and Tim had! We were so lucky to have great weather and NO RAIN despite the forecast calling for showers. Kelly was an absolutely stunning bride and so easy to photograph and I think she might have hired models for her bridesmaids because they were all so gorgeous. I love shooting at Union Station and of course, have a special spot in my heart for St. John the Evangelist because that is were I got married over two decades ago. Kelly took the time to share some of her thoughts on the wedding day so check that out at the end of this blog. brown_wed10 brown_wed11 brown_wed12 brown_wed13 brown_wed14 brown_wed15 brown_wed16 brown_wed17 brown_wed18 brown_wed19 brown_wed20 brown_wed21 brown_wed22 brown_wed23 brown_wed24 brown_wed25 brown_wed26 brown_wed27 brown_wed28 brown_wed29 brown_wed30 brown_wed31 brown_wed32 brown_wed33 brown_wed34 brown_wed35 brown_wed36 brown_wed37 brown_wed38 brown_wed39 brown_wed40 brown_wed41 brown_wed41a brown_wed42 brown_wed44 brown_wed45 brown_wed46 brown_wed47 brown_wed48 brown_wed49 brown_wed50 brown_wed51 brown_wed52blog_share

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