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May 31, 2012

Genevieve and Scott | Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

I first met Genie at Laci and Brandon’s wedding and secretly hoped that someday I would be the one to capture her wedding day.  I had so much fun with Laci’s wedding party and couldn’t help but notice how close she is with her friends from Butler.  They take trips together, keep in touch regularly and continue to WORK at their friendship even now that college is over.  Genie and Scott have dated for a very long time.  The toasts and stories at their reception were full of laughs and tears.  I’m so glad Scott and Genie had the most perfect day to celebrate their love.  We had a little weather drama, but of course, the skies stayed clear until after the outside ceremony!  The staff at The Sanctuary was phenomenal and the florals by Linda Batker were amazing!  I have to mention that Scott and his business partner, Christopher, are yet again the featured builder for the Homes of Distinction this year at my favorite neighborhood, Lost Run Farms.

MUA and hair team: Kiralee
Venue: The Sanctuary, Ceremony Lincoln Park
Brick Street Inn
DJ Bryon Vibe Entertainment
Caterer: Ghyslain
Dress: Couture Designer Alice Padrul
Florals: Linda Batker

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