Tamika and William are going to have the most beautiful baby. We were laughing through this entire session, which is really fun! Baby K. will definitely not lack a sense of humor. William and Tamika are so happy together and I can see they are going to be great parents together. I can't wait to meet your new little one, guys! Also, a big hug and thank you to Rachelle for coordinating, scheduling and planning for the session.

4 responses to “Tamika and William”

  1. Tamika Knox says:

    This was so much fun!! I absolutely loved taking these pics.. I cant wait to meet the little one. This heat is killing me though.

  2. Tasha says:

    Simply gorgeous! I love them!!!

  3. tt chelle says:

    truely priceless! i love u rj!

  4. Evonie Grey says:

    These pics are BEAUTIFUL. Congrats on ‘RJ’ guys, I’m wishing you nothing but the best!

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