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February 25, 2014

Commercial Photography | Indianapolis Commercial Photographer

It’s a well-known fact that I love photographing weddings, babies, kids, families and high school seniors! I also have a passion for fashion and advertising. One of my favorite things about being a professional photographer is all the DIFFERENT experiences I get to share in. Everywhere you look there are images in use. Store windows, catalogs, billboards, television, etc. It’s never-ending! Images are very powerful in today’s society. Here are a few of my favorite commercial experiences.  Working as a commercial photographer sharpens my technical skills and helps me constantly push the limits and explore new lighting techniques.  I love the challenges that come with traveling to a place I’ve never been and documenting.  Sometimes lights are hanging from ceilings, sometimes we are crafting our own tripods, reflectors, etc.

Pizza!!! Who doesn’t love pizza? I spent over 6 hours photographing pies for Aver’s Pizza in Bloomington last week. I have given up eating bread for a while so it was kind of hard not to eat any. I was strong though! Styling it was fun too!pizza

KKBB Salon entered a national color contest. Jenna looked amazing!! I also photographed Tanya’s wonderful staff. She is known to be the stylist to the rock stars and her salon is doing so well they are now moving to 96th and Meridian Street very soon. final_kkbbkkbbstaff

My favorite boys! Blue II (who is in doggie heaven) and Trip of the Butler Bulldogs.bluebutler-0073

The amazing staff at Reis Nichols is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with. I love all things sparkly and their designs are amazing and so chic!reis

I have to admit, I have a TRUE love of food. I love the way it looks, the colors, the challenge of styling it. I could spend all day capturing food. I have more cookbooks than what my shelves can hold because I collect them not only for the recipes and creativity, but for the beautiful pictures. I think my dream job someday when I’m older would be to photograph nothing but delicious looking food! It’s such a creative process and who doesn’t love looking at a creation on a plate? Rob Hoaglin is a master at making food “pretty”!hoaglin-5hoaglin-3



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