So I know an engagement shoot is supposed to be about the couple...and on this day it was, but we had another exciting person in the shoot--Mr. Fluff!  How cute is he?  Jennifer and Nik are a really neat couple.  Besides having an adorable new puppy who cooperates the minute a camera is pulled out Nik has a unique collector's toy--a Ford Mustang (I'm guessing this is a model from the 80's).  It is a funny thing when the car that kids drove in high school becomes an "antique" and something of a toy car.  So funny!  I feel so dated:)  We had a great time together and were loving the weather!  I can't wait for their wedding next summer.  defrench-0012ART-1 defrench-0026ART-31 defrench-0007ART-29defrench-0049-33Untitled-2defrench-0036-32

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