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June 15, 2009

Chicago-Adam and Marina

It was really fun to get away from my usual surroundings and spend a day getting to know Adam and Marina.  We walked all OVER Chicago for 7 hours.  We had a wonderful lunch at the Grand Lux and then hit the streets for some great times.  I am really looking forward to their wedding in Notre Dame this November. It is going to be a gorgeous ceremony and we have so much in common!  I felt like I was with old friends.  Marina and Adam, thank you so much for being great hosts in your great city!  I can’t wait to see you both again.edits_aburto-10We did the bean…tried not to be too cliche, Adam!edits_aburto-44bedits_aburto-36edits_aburto-4
edits_aburto-24cI just love these two together!  Maybe I am a bit emotional lately (cried at this Saturday’s wedding like FIVE times!), but I smile inside just looking at them together.  They have quite a love story and their families are just as in love with each other, which makes it all that much more special.edits_aburto-16edits_aburto-12211edits_aburto-56edits_aburto-3931The picture below was taken for my friend, Jon Wilkerson.  If any of you know him (or his beautiful wife Cathy) you know how much he looks like this guy and how he should be getting royalties!edits_aburto-50Marina makes my headband look good.  Better on her than on me!  Oh to be young again:)edits_aburto-51edits_aburto-21

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