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May 14, 2009

Summer Horse Camp

All you parents out there that want an educational and awesome camp IN FISHERS to send your kids to check out www.summerhorsecamp-fishers.com.  These two wonderful and responsible girls have put together an awesome opportunity for our children to enjoy a week of crafts, swimming and horse lessons in a safe and comfortable environment. Selfishly, I am pushing for registration the week of June 21.  They might have to cancel camp if we don’t get more attendees, which would be so sad!!  The farm is located at 126th and Olio.  Let’s fill this camp up for Audrie and Bailey!!  Audrie is a freshman majoring in business at IU and Bailey is a Jr. at University HS and a certified lifeguard.

A picture of a horse…won an award a few years ago for this one.   T-max BW film for those of you who remember what that is.44600073


My children who need to attend horse camp and this is an old picture from about 4 years ago.  My how they have changed!67480030

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