Meet Jennifer. Founder, Owner and Photographer for JDP

Jennifer’s photographic career developed from her love of people and relationships. Her curiosity about people and art inspired her to spend many hours in the darkroom and after many rolls of film, places traveled, and thousands of hearts smiling, she mastered her craft.  Jennifer happily ventures into her studio each day clicking her shutter to create timeless images.  She enjoys all things green and tries to maintain a vegan diet, but occasionally gives in to tiny bits of cheese.

Married to her husband and VIP of Business Management at JDP, John Driscoll.  John and Jennifer have three beautiful daughters who’s lives are very well-documented.  They have a cat named Betty Diamond and a beautiful golden retriever named Millicent.  Millie is often at the studio saying hello to clients.  She’s our best “greeter”!  Life is good.

Meet Annie.  Photographer and Production Manager.

From a very young age photography and studio life has been part of her life.  Jennifer’s oldest daughter, Annie, has a passion for art, photography and loves people.  She’s worked as a photo assistant from the time she was old enough to hold a reflector, but over the past five years has taken classes and grown so much as a photographer.  She loves to photograph babies and weddings.  We are excited that Annie is studying graphic design because she is obsessed with photoshop and making all things pretty!

Meet Alyson. Creative Director

Organized, personable and sweet, Alyson brings even more cheer to JDP along with her many talents. She has managed large teams of people in the corporate world and juggles many tasks at once with a very calm and cheerful demeanor. After graduating from the Art Institute in 2012 with a degree in Graphic Design Alyson is now ready to live her dream as an artist, but put her mad organizational skills to good use.

Alyson lives with her husband, Colin, their son, Brooks and their two dogs Hanz, Chloe & are fostering a four legged friend named Brock.