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August 1, 2016

Tanorria the Master Chef Celebrity! | Culinary Photographer

My friend, Tanorria, is a pretty special lady.  She has a gift with people and an insane amount of talent with food!  If you are a fan of Fox Master Chef you have probably fallen in love with her already.  Time with Tanorria is spent laughing, reflecting on what matters and eating great food.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing her for many years so it was no surprise to me that Gordon Ramsey sees something special in her and now America is quickly falling in love with her spunk and honest nature.

When she came to my home to cook for our commercial shoot I was speechless after tasting her shrimp in grits–they were THAT good.  Oh my gosh!  My stomach is grumbling just thinking about the amazing texture and flavor in that dish.  Surely she’s going to be famous for A LOT of things because there is so much more to this pretty lady than good food, but her shrimp and grits are legendary.  Enjoy these images we took together and please do visit her site here to follow her journey and learn more about her.  She is available as a personal chef (she can accommodate any diet!

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