As I created the blog post and perused these amazing moments I can't help but want this day back to enjoy again and again! I knew this wedding was going to be super special, but it exceeded my expectations!! You might think I mean the details, pretty things, dresses, flowers, etc....well, those things were incredible thanks to some wonderful professionals and Roma & Kay's amazing taste, but what I remember most is the feeling of love and happiness. I enjoyed meeting Roma and Tony's family and friends and made some new friends of my own. The full indian wedding experience is something I've waited my entire career for--15 years! I've had the honor of sharing in multi- cultural events, but this was the first wedding where everything was indian and most amazing! Every day, every hour I experienced something new. It sparked my heart, my eye and my lens alive in a whole new way. It was amazing to witness the closeness between relatives and not just parents and siblings, but extended family! Family is a priority, a way of life and the center of everything. The reverence and respect elders are treated with is inspiring. Tony and Roma are fun-loving, witty, intelligent, humble, FUNNY and caring people. So happy they found each other! I have a lot more I'd like to share about this couple and their families, but for now here are some images to enjoy... Planner: Jennifer Nair, Peacock Events Decor, Flowers and Production: Sima Patel, Weddings InStyle Venue: Hyatt Regency, Indianapolis More professionals to come...dewan100 dewan101 dewan102 dewan103 dewan104 dewan105 dewan106 dewan107 dewan108 dewan109 dewan110 dewan111 dewan112 dewan113 dewan114 dewan115 dewan116 dewan117 dewan118 dewan119 dewan120 dewan121 dewan122 dewan123 dewan124 dewan125 dewan126 dewan127 dewan128 dewan129 dewan130 dewan131 dewan132 dewan133 dewan134 dewan135 dewan136 dewan137 dewan138 dewan139 dewan140 dewan141 dewan142 dewan143 dewan144 dewan145 dewan146 dewan147 dewan148 dewan149 dewan150 dewan151 dewan152 dewan153 dewan154 dewan155 dewan156 dewan157 dewan158 dewan159

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  1. Kay says:

    Love the blog and the pictures! You captured the event and the joy surrounding it so well. Love you Jennifer Driscoll, for your patience, ever smiling face, your limitless energy, and above all your keen eye that captured all the happy, smiling people attending the festivities.

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