When I first met with Margaret and Gregory I have to admit I felt like I was on the set of a movie. They are such a unique and truly passionate couple. I feel as if I have traveled back in time whenever I am with Maggie--she is like a blonde Audrey Hepburn. She has such poise and is incredibly pleasant to converse with and she has a genuine love for heritage and preserving the past. Greg is the perfect "Cary Grant", a true gentleman and completely smitten with Maggie. I could swear his heart beats in time with Maggie's. He finds such joy in watching her delight and smile! I knew they were extraordinary and there might have been a little "happy dance" when they contacted me after a conversation in my parking lot right after our meeting and told me I would have the honor of documenting their day. They dance--and not just the simple sway and step, but full on ballroom style dancing full of joy and passion! Every detail of their wedding day was carefully contemplated because not only do they have fabulous taste, but I know they will pull their wedding album out to relive their day for many many years to come and Maggie was very aware of the importance of this very special wedding day and how she wanted it to be timeless and relevant to their style. I have found over the years that once in a while I will witness a wedding that is more like how weddings were long ago. The morning of their wedding day it was quiet, thoughtful, classical music was playing, a slight bit of nervousness that was in the air. Maggie chose to share the morning alone with her mother, Cindy. As Maggie's makeup and hair was underway Cindy continued sewing on her own dress that she finished just minutes before departing for St. John's. I have to admit that I hope my own daughters choose to have a morning like this. The last moments where your little girl is still your little girl--before she becomes a wife are moments a parent treasures. Remember in Mama Mia Meryl Streep painting her daughter's toenails before her vows? One of the sweetest movie moments ever! After their wedding day they left for Italy where they had an audience with Pope Francis himself to receive the most amazing wedding blessing! I wish I had been there to see Maggie and Greg walking around Italy in their wedding dress! Please know I did NOT take the picture of Pope Francis. I would have loved to travel to Europe with Greg and Maggie though! I am sure I speak for all of the wedding professionals when I say they are one-of-a-kind and truly fun to work with! I was so happy to have some of my favorite people as part of the wedding team: A.J. Plouge: Columbia Club St. John the Evangelist: Church Jim Cerone: Wedding Entertainment Director David Strohmeyer: The Empty Vase (florist) Dress: MH Pomandertouney10 touney11 touney12 touney13 touney14 touney15 touney16 The mirror Maggie is gazing into was carried into the Columbia club by her father and Greg and it wasn't light! ┬áTestimony to how much Greg loves Maggie...touney17 touney18 touney19 touney20 touney21 touney22 touney23 touney24 touney25 touney26 touney27 touney28 touney29 touney30 touney31 touney32 touney33 touney34 touney35 touney36 touney37 touney38 touney39 touney40 touney41touney42 touney43 touney44 touney45 touney46 touney47 touney48 touney49 touney50 touney51 touney52 touney53 touney54 touney55 touney56 touney57   Image below NOT TAKEN BY JENNIFER: 4120-15510-c

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  1. Mike Miley says:

    Thanks Jennifer, just one correction,in the picture of Margaret you wrote that her father and Greg carried the mirror to the Columbia Club when in fact it was her father and her uncle who carried it. Just wanted to give credit to uncle John. Thanks again uncle John.

  2. Jennifer, you are amazing and we can’t stop looking at the fabulous pictures you took of this very special couple! Thank you for being such an artist!

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