I really enjoy documenting engagement sessions because they are so relaxed and personal. Sara and Gary took me around to some of their favorite familiar places downtown. I had the honor of working with Gary when he was a groomsmen in Nicole and Justin's wedding a few years ago. He was so KIND and told me what a great job I was doing and how he really appreciated how I made things "fun". It really means a lot to me when I'm appreciated and the greatest compliment is to refer me or even better--call me when it's your turn! Gary and Sara were uber easy to work with and so patient as I think I renamed Gary three or four times during their shoot. I was SO exhausted and sick with a cold as we shot and my already terrible memory was even worse. They are good-natured, amazingly kind, SO in LOVE and gracious people together. Sara is a talented designer and made the scarf she is wearing outside Chatham Tap. I'm sure their wedding will be just perfect with the closest friends and family there to welcome them into the journey called marriage!mcginess-blogmcginess-blog2mcginess-blog3

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