Happy one year anniversary to Julie and Martin!  Around the Driscoll house Julie is known as the "pretty brown-haired bride".  She certainly did look stunning!  It has been almost a year since their wedding so HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!  This blog post is long overdue, but as I was writing a note to Julie and Martin today I realized how this pretty little wedding got caught up in our seriously busy season last year and we didn't release it for all the world to see--just the little world of Julie, Martin and a few hundred of their closest friends and family.  I am so happy we made these pictures together to remember this amazing wedding day.  Look at all the sweet details they had!blog-weiserMartin's cufflinks are from Purdue…no surprise there as he is a boilermaker for life...blog-weiser2blog-weiser3blog-weiser4blog-weiser5blog-weiser6blog-weiser7Darcie Kornmeyer was their planner and she never leaves a stone unturned with how thorough she is.  The Scottish Rite looked amazing as usual!!  I just love shooting there and the food from Thomas is always perfection! blog-weiser8blog-weiser9 Amazing wedding professionals that made this day happen: Event coordinator extraordinaire: Darcie Kornmeyer Venue for Ceremony: The Statehouse Venue for Reception: Scottish Rite Cathedral Catering: Thomas, Dee Haddad Makeup and Hair: Karen Hall & Co. Florist: Tiffany of CCP Designers Trolley: Antique Limousines DJ: Jim Cerone Officiant: Pastor Cash Music: Phyllis and Friends (pianist and violin)

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