When Debbie sat down to meet with me at my studio I knew instantly she and Bill were going to have a very meaningful and intimate day. She is so full of laughter, smiles and she is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever met. She's also stinking adorable! She looked so amazingly classic! I can tell she and Bill make each other very happy. Surrounded by their children they said their vows at one of my favorite places on earth--West Baden. If you have never visited West Baden you must go at least once in your life! Having a February wedding we all planned on snow, but WOW! The evening before the wedding it took Bill and Debbie 4 hours or so to get to the hotel. The roads were terrible and snow was coming down heavy. The next morning it was the most perfect winter day with snow on the trees. West Baden usually does take your breath away when you pull up, but that morning was forever etched in my mind. A very sweet ceremony and most perfect family dinner celebrating two very special people who found each other. May you have many years of happiness together Debbie and Bill!ehret01 ehret02 ehret03 ehret04 ehret05 ehret06 ehret07 ehret08 ehret09 ehret10 ehret11 ehret12erhetet ehret13 ehret14 ehret15 ehret16 ehret17 ehret18 ehret19 ehret20 ehret21 ehret22 ehret23 ehret24 ehret25 ehret ehret26 ehret27 ehret28 ehret29 ehret30 ehret31 ehret32 ehret33

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