When Maggie and Mark visited my studio I was delighted that Maggie's parents, Rick and Connie, joined them.  We had such a good time getting to know each other and I could tell this wedding day was important not only to Maggie and Mark, but also their family.  They were such a joy to work with this past September!  I adore her parents and loved all of the perfect details they both contributed to the day.  David Strohmeyer from the Empty Vase even hand picked flowers from Connie's garden to use in the wedding!  Such a beautiful and personal touch.  The fantastic navy blue and white striped linens were David's idea--David you are genius!  Maggie looked stunning in her amazing gown.  I loved the way this dress looked on her and the simplicity of her heirloom jewelry.  There are always tender moments at weddings that stay in my heart forever and at this wedding Maggie's dad gave a toast on the veranda of the club on this beautiful day with friends and family gathered around enjoying a drink.  He surprised Maggie by releasing butterflies in honor of her grandmother, who had passed away.  What a beautiful moment that was!!  The brown butterflies fluttered around as Rick told stories about this special woman and toasted the newlyweds.  The party was amazing!  It is such a happy day when all of the hard work planning and preparing for a wedding pays off and a couple truly gets to relax and enjoy celebrating.  Congratulations Maggie and Mark! Venue: Woodstock Country Club, Susan Schenkel Coordinator Flowers: The Empty Vase Dress: M.H. Pomander's Hair and MU: JW Salon and Eyemaxx Band: The Ripple Effect Cake: Heavenly Sweets Honeymoon: Aruba!clineblog10 clineblog11 clineblog12 clineblog13 clineblog14clineblog15 clineblog16 clineblog17 clineblog18 clineblog19 clineblog20 clineblog21 clineblog22 clineblog23 clineblog24 clineblog25 clineblog26 clineblog27

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  1. Vivian/Mom says:

    What a day! Loved seeing all these special moments again, couldn’t help but spread a warm glow – a very welcome warm glow.

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