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Babies, Portrait

October 28, 2013

Lennon Jean | Fishers Newborn Photographer

Sometimes I feel like a broken record with how many blog posts I start out “how lucky I am to get to be a part of their lives”…well, seriously, I am super happy and lucky to get to share in memories! Remember Laci and Brandon’s winter wedding day? It’s no secret Laci and Brandon are two of my favorite people. I adore them and from the very first time I met Laci her enthusiasm and HEART really had me. Then meeting her Brandon…well, I’d go anywhere with these two and have fun. The good news is now there is a third Ledbetter–Lennon Jean. I like her just as much as her parents! Seeing Laci as a mother is a really neat experience. Laci–I have to admit, I knew you had a heart, but you had me constantly tearing up during our shoot with Lennon. Your tenderness and how careful you are with Lennon Jean is endearing. Every little move she makes has you watching her with admiration. She is the most precious little being to you and that is so obvious! Thank you for trusting her with me. I love you and Brandon so much and can’t wait until little LJ is ready for breakfast at Patachou!blog_ledbetterblog_ledbetter2

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