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September 20, 2012

Mary and Shawn Engaged | Zionsville, IN

I’m really excited for Mary and Shawn’s wedding this winter. Secretly I’m hoping for a dusting of snow across their gorgeous farm. I can see this beautiful bride in white with her amazing red hair in contrast to all white snow and her gorgeous gown. One thing that struck me when I was photographing Mary and Shawn is how HAPPY they are together. I don’t think Mary can do anything but smile when she is around Shawn. They respect each other so much and find absolute joy in each other’s company. I felt so good when I left their session because being around people who love each other so much is inspiring. This wedding day will be very special and it’s an extra bonus that David Jackson of Premier Events is designing and coordinating their gorgeous church ceremony and reception.  I always look forward to capturing David’s designs because they truly are stunning.

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