I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Some of my favorite clients were in this week. Gracen is a "star" here at the studio. I've been capturing her family for years and she came to visit me specifically for "art" and nothing else. I love how free Gracen, Keller and Ellason are with me. Now I'm off to enjoy my own children. Can't wait for spring to finally make a permanent appearance so we can play outside and enjoy some sunshine again.artwillis-1artwillis-2artwillis-3artwillis-14artwillis-7artwillis-15artwillis-17artwillis-10

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  1. Liz Bedwell says:

    Beautiful! I love how you captured Gracen’s long fabulous eyelashes. The loving playfullness you have captured of these siblings is timeless. :)

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