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March 14, 2011

Bill-iam and Kimber

This is one of those weddings where there is sentiment or stories behind every picture! I just loved Bill and Kimberly’s day. Everything about it was perfect and now Bill and Kimber are living in China for a year. What an adventure filled marriage they have from the start. Kimberly was such an amazingly gorgeous bride and Bill is equally as handsome. They had their reception at Bill’s family business downtown (sorry, not available for events:)). Everything was perfect and so beautiful. They invested in our photo booth and we got some great images throughout the evening (ask about adding that to your package). I can’t wait to share more weddings with this group again soon (see you in October Katie and Tug!). I wish you both all the best in China and look forward to you returning home in a year so we can visit again. Hope you are loving your experience there!blog_witchger1blog_witchger12blog_witchger13blog_witchger14blog_witchger15witchgerblog2witchgerblog22witchgerblog23witchgerblog24witchgerblog25witchgerblog3witchgerblog32witchgerblog33witchgerblog34witchgerblog35

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