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Babies, Portrait

February 25, 2010

Two of a kind

I LOVE watching families grow, especially when I was there to witness and capture a couple’s wedding day. Brandy and Brittney are twins (duh) and are very close to their family. I was fortunate enough to spend time with them capturing Brandy’s wedding day on their family farm. Now they live within miles of each other and just like their mom, both girls are teachers. It is really great that both of them got pregnant really close together and now Jenny has TWO grandchildren to enjoy. She has a hard time not stopping by each of their homes every evening to resist the cuteness. During this shoot there was a LOT of poop. I have been a baby photographer for a long time, but this was the most amount of poop I have ever had in the studio at once. It was so fun! I was covered and so was Brandy by the end of the session. Brandy said, “I can smell myself!”. It was gross, I’ll admit, but the babies are so sweet you can’t imagine that coming out of them. So here they are!noll

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