You know a wedding is a good one when you can't post it all at once. Part I includes some of my favorite moments from the beginning of the wedding day up until Jeremy and Rae Ann first saw each other.  Having a wedding at Bellagio is definitely first class. Jeremy plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and so his schedule gets pretty crazy before and during football season. Getting married in Vegas in February was the perfect choice for them! A testament to their love and friendship is that all 14 of their wedding party members made it to Vegas. Many were coming from the east coast (Washington D.C.) which had been hit HARD with snow and most flights were completely canceled so their ever adoring friends DROVE to New Hampshire as well as other states to catch flights out to Vegas. The morning of the wedding friends were still arriving! I think they win an award for the most beautiful wedding party.   One of my favorite images ever is the one with Ashley, MOH, fixing Rae's dress.  Ashley, you win the prize for being the bestest, most selfless maid of honor!  I think you would have walked across hot coals if it would make Rae's day better!  I have one missing image here, the picture of all the bridesmaids standing in front of Rae so Jeremy wouldn't see her and then they walk away and there is his bride...All of the bridesmaids were amazingly gorgeous and the boys all had their shining GQ moments, but more on that later. For now here are some images with more to follow as well as the fun story of their vows.WEDDING_trueblood1

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