We are big COLTS fans and honestly, even if we didn't live in the greater Indianapolis area we would probably still be wearing blue.  I can't tell you how excited the Driscoll house is that we are going to SUPERBOWL AGAIN!  We have the most amazing team full of great players who not only are generous people, but truly some of the most dedicated and amazing athletes.  My favorite player of all time is GARY BRACKETT.  I had the honor of photographing him last summer for a United Way project.  He is so cerebral and has such a great attitude towards the game and life.  GO COLTS GO COLTS GO COLTS!!!  As you see, many of our clients are excited about the game as well.  colts

One response to “GO COLTS BEAT THE SAINTS”

  1. kathy strunk says:

    this is great… I agree…GO COLTS!!!!

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