It is a rare thing that I get three kids together and they cooperate so incredibly well.  Suzin and Serge have some of the most well-mannered little cherubs I have ever met.  Such amazing dark hair and big brown eyes these sisters are a treat to photograph.  Having three daughters myself I know the joys of watching little girls raise each other.  It is fun to hear the giggles and pitter patter of little feet.  I loved it when my girls played make believe together.  I imagine that Jacqueline, Gabrielle and Sophie are great at dressing up and playing together.  Thanks for such a beautiful session.  I only wish it were a little longer!  You have such a beautiful family, it was a treat to spend some time getting to know you!7D1P0103-15IMG_0601-4IMG_0565-2_MG_0621-57D1P0144-167D1P0062-8_MG_0763-10_MG_0753-9_MG_0661-6

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