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November 6, 2009

Carolina and Josh

What a happy day!!  Carolina and Josh’s wedding…wow!  It was a great honor to share in their day.  I have known Carolina for about 5 years when I first met her shooting her sister, Victoria’s wedding.  Since then I am the lucky photographer who gets to share so many wonderful moments with all of these girls.  Carolina was a beautiful bride and I am so thrilled she found Josh.  When she first called me to tell me she was getting married I couldn’t believe it!  I was so excited. We had to move the date around to be sure I could be there and I am so appreciative to them for that.  Josh and I connected right away.  He is such a special guy and I know how important family is to him and that is a good thing because Carolina is extremely close to her family.  Josh and Carolina…I wish you many years of happiness and can’t wait to watch your family grow.  I just love you both so much.  Congratulations this weekend graduating with your M.B.A. Carolina!  You are so smart and beautiful!  So many happy things have come your way in the past few years.  You and Josh deserve all the happiness you have and then some:)  Untitled-5landsberger-0320-8landsberger-0334-9landsberger-0391-13landsberger-0336-10landsberger-0309-7landsberger-0672-16landsberger-0120-3landsberger-0090-2landsberger-0602-15landsberger-0764-18landsberger-0771-20landsberger-1095-23Untitled-3landsberger-0578-14landsberger-1171-25

  1. Chris Cook says:

    WOW, you guys look great! Congratulations !!! hope to see you again soon!!


  2. Carolina says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    Thanks for these beautiful words and pictures. I love your work and talent. You make things easier. We love you and we are glad we have you as our photographer. I told Josh how wonderful you are and now he knows better. Love, Carito.

  3. jennifer says:

    Dear Carolina and Josh,

    You are my dear friends for life! I am so thrilled for you. You are so beautiful and I am so happy you and Josh found each other. I am so sorry about Josh’s grandmother. She was so brave and what a gift it was she was there for our wedding.

    Much Love,

  4. Daryll Datz says:

    Thank you for capturing the beauty and joy of their special day. Carolina and Josh will have the fantastic images you have provided to cherish and remind. Very nice photos. I like your style.
    Daryll Landsberger Datz

  5. Carolina says:

    Char & I are looking at these beautiful pictures of “Caro”. And she is asking for “more”.

  6. Carolina says:

    Super cute :) Charlotte loves pictures

  7. Vicky Romero says:

    Amazing pictures from a talented and beautiful photographer! Thank you Jennifer!
    Congratulations to my dear sister Carolina and my dear brother-in-law, Josh.
    With love,

  8. Carolina says:

    I have seen our pics like 1000 times, I cannot stop, they are so beautiful!!!!

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