This family is so fun and we used to be neighbors without even realizing it.  We had fun shooting in their backyard for some semi-traditional portraits to decorate their beautiful home with.  Allison, their oldest daughter is now our "super intern" this summer accompanying us one weddings.  She is awesome!  Bennett is the family dog and quite feisty as you can see.  becker-9becker-13becker-54Ok and so yes, the girls do get their good looks from mom (and dad).  Super model material!becker-871 becker-69

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  1. Ray Crockett III says:

    I know the Beckers…great family!!! Great site Jennifer!!

  2. Mom says:

    great pictures!!!

  3. jennifer says:

    I love this family! Such great kids they are raising. Allison has joined me on some weddings this summer and she plans to return for a few more over the fall. Wish we could be neighbors!

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