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July 3, 2009

Jenny and Scott

Jenny and Scott…where to begin.  These two are so special.  They have a quiet about their love that is so touching.  I can tell Jenny adores Scott so very much and he is in awe of his bride.  His proposal was the most touching moment.  He carefully wrote out the words and it was not short…there were many things he wanted to share with her about how much he loves her, how she stood by him while he was in the hospital.  You can tell watching these two together that she is his world and he is hers.  I feel privileged to have captured this day.  donald_blog-14donald_blog-11donald_blog-6As usual the food and service at the Ritz Charles was amazing.  I LOVE shooting in the Garden Pavilion!  Bloomz did a wonderful job on the flowers.donald_blog-49donald_blog-59donaldblog1

Jenny and Scott, I hope these images make you smile and laugh for many years to come.  donald_blog-10donaldblog8donaldblog9donaldblog3donaldblog2


Jenny’s dress was amazing.  A couture dress by Ines De Santo she floated around the room in the most amazing way.  I really loved this dress on her!Ines De Santodonald_blog-39donald_blog-42donald_blog-56donald_blog-55donald_blog-54donald_blog-41donald_blog-28donald_blog-27

chairs, I loved this!

chairs, I loved this!


Reggie from Antique Limousines safely escorted the couple from the Ritz to the Conrad taking the scenic route on the circle.

donald_blog-32The planning process was a blast as well.  I was first interviewed by Kimberly, planner fantastic and Jenny’s mom’s best friend.  After meeting Barbara and Kimberly I could tell the two of them have a very close relationship.  They have known each other for years and Jenny lives in Florida so much of  the planning was done from afar.

Kimberly and Barbara

Kimberly and Barbara

  1. This was a goregeous wedding! I love all the details. Amazing photos!

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