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June 6, 2009

Kittens again

Hello Everyone!  Ok, so I couldn’t resist bringing these little guys in the studio today.  In a week I want to play with them again and add more lights, but this was our “warm-up” session.  Total chaos with three kids and 5 cats, but it was so fun.  All are still available, but Nancy is getting some interest and has some appointments setup and it would be great if they could all find a home soon.  They are so wonderful and totally adoptable!  Thanks for your interest:)  Contact me if you are in need of a furry friend.img_6760-copy

  1. Gretchen Brooks says:


    You really brought out the cutest qualities of these kitties. You may have discovered the next Garfield. Thanks for all of your help in finding them good homes.


  2. Rhaya says:

    I cannot get over how cute these kittens are! I think my cat Jack could use a friend…:)

  3. jennifer says:

    Rhaya, please feel free to try one! Jack could get along with one I am sure. They are all very sweet. Two have been adopted–possibly and so that leaves three. First come, first serve, but honestly they are all sweet and very adoptable! Nancy needs to keep them for another week and then they are free to go “home”.

  4. Rhaya says:

    Thanks Jennifer. I will definitely think about it.

  5. jennifer says:

    Gretchen, I am so glad you are giving “Gina” a good home! She is one lucky kitty. As Nancy says, “she hit kitty lottery”… :)

  6. jennifer says:

    Ok, everyone. The grey and white one still needs a home! He is the only one left. I can’t believe it either because he is my favorite one. I wish Betty would love another cat, but she is too set in her ways.

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