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Sweet Grady visited the studio for his six month session.  So glad he brought his vintage sock monkey along for the shoot!powell-blogpowell-blog2powell-blog3

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first communionblog_2

first communionblog

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Josh is growing up quickly! He really enjoyed visiting and it was super easy to get him to smile. Such a good-natured little baby :) robinson-blog3robinson-blogrobinson-blog2

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Linda Robinson says:

These pics are priceless!! He is so precious and a funny little fellow!! It’s awesome what you do with that camera!!

Joshua & Jeremiah’s Nana

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It’s a well-known fact that I love photographing weddings, babies, kids, families and high school seniors! I also have a passion for fashion and advertising. One of my favorite things about being a professional photographer is all the DIFFERENT experiences I get to share in. Everywhere you look there are images in use. Store windows, catalogs, billboards, television, etc. It’s never-ending! Images are very powerful in today’s society. Here are a few of my favorite commercial experiences.  Working as a commercial photographer sharpens my technical skills and helps me constantly push the limits and explore new lighting techniques.  I love the challenges that come with traveling to a place I’ve never been and documenting.  Sometimes lights are hanging from ceilings, sometimes we are crafting our own tripods, reflectors, etc.

Pizza!!! Who doesn’t love pizza? I spent over 6 hours photographing pies for Aver’s Pizza in Bloomington last week. I have given up eating bread for a while so it was kind of hard not to eat any. I was strong though! Styling it was fun too!pizza

KKBB Salon entered a national color contest. Jenna looked amazing!! I also photographed Tanya’s wonderful staff. She is known to be the stylist to the rock stars and her salon is doing so well they are now moving to 96th and Meridian Street very soon. final_kkbbkkbbstaff

My favorite boys! Blue II (who is in doggie heaven) and Trip of the Butler Bulldogs.bluebutler-0073

The amazing staff at Reis Nichols is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with. I love all things sparkly and their designs are amazing and so chic!reis

I have to admit, I have a TRUE love of food. I love the way it looks, the colors, the challenge of styling it. I could spend all day capturing food. I have more cookbooks than what my shelves can hold because I collect them not only for the recipes and creativity, but for the beautiful pictures. I think my dream job someday when I’m older would be to photograph nothing but delicious looking food! It’s such a creative process and who doesn’t love looking at a creation on a plate? Rob Hoaglin is a master at making food “pretty”!hoaglin-5hoaglin-3



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Baby Joseph is just adorable. Sweet and peaceful he was! elkalla-blogelkalla-blog2elkalla-blog3elkalla-blog4

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My family had the great honor of living next to Sarah’s family for 7 wonderful years. I was so happy when Sarah contacted me to share in their wedding day at D’Amore last October. Sarah and Chris are HUGE Colts fans and so we had to take pictures at Lucas Oil Stadium. It was hard to get the boys off the field because they were having so much fun. Kind of like a bunch of kids in a candy store! Sarah looked ah-mazing in her grandmother’s glamorous fur. {Sarah and I are both very animal friendly–this jacket was made many years ago and handed down through generations.}

They have such great friends and that made our time traveling around our fair city even more memorable! Their ceremony was sweet with all of their closest friends and family there to witness. Such a cozy feeling being up in the “clouds” at D’Amore celebrating romance, commitment and friendship! Thomas Catering did a phenomenal job on the food–so yummy as always! Thank you for having me there to share this day with you two! mara-blogmara-blog2mara-blog3mara-blog4mara-blog5mara-blog6mara-blog7mara-blog8mara-blog9

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Seeing Annie in the studio was wonderful and yet bittersweet. She is the last of her siblings to graduate and leave the nest. I have enjoyed getting to know her family SO much. Her mom is by far one of my most favorite people. One morning we ended up talking on the phone for over an hour — not about photos, but about life. All of Penny’s children are so vibrant, beautiful and full of heart. A true testament to their parents! I am honored to have shared these years with you and look forward to the next chapter!! Good luck to you, sweet Annie. Enjoy the rest of your senior year. A bright future awaits you!hunsicker-bloghunsicker-blog2hunsicker-blog3hunsicker-blog4

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It’s always a good day when I get to visit with Kaeley and Cooper. Cooper kept coming to me to give me hugs and cuddle! He’s one of my favorites for sure. My puppy, Millicent, enjoyed his visit too and stole some of his icing. His cookies were a work of art! Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are a few images from this fun session!cooper-144-Edit





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So cute! I love the puppy and baby pictures.

Regan Gentile says:

Such sweet photos, all of which captured the personality of Cooper and the fun day you had!