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October 16, 2013

Baby Max | Fishers Newborn Photographer

It’s so rewarding to share in a couple’s wedding day, but even better when I get to visit with them again for the birth of a child! Tiffany and Thomas’ wedding day was a little more than a year ago so I was thrilled when I got to meet baby Max! I didn’t even know they were expecting until he was here. I’m so happy for you both and can tell you are going to be the best parents. Your wedding day was full of fun and laughter and I can only imagine how your home will be with little Max running around stirring up smiles. He’s adorable!moffat_blogmoffat_blog2

  1. Kim Schaus says:

    T&T!!!! OMG!!!! I had no idea!!!!! Sooooooo excited for you guys!!! He is BEAUTIFUL!!!! That face!! OMG…just so sweet!!! Congratulations!!!! So would love to get together to get caught up!!! Love u both!

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