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Babies, Portrait

November 22, 2011

Baby Harrison

Being a military brat myself I understand how special it is to miss your father and the joy you feel when he returns home. I can remember my dad being gone for a year on the USS Constellation CV-64. We were stationed in San Diego and I received a pack of letters quite often (still have them all) from my dad. Somehow even though he wasn’t with us his presence was strong because of the light he filled my heart with. My bond with him is very special and distance isn’t something that phases our relationship– despite the fact that for most of my childhood he was out to sea. I’ll never forget being on Coronado Bay watching the big aircraft carrier dock. The flight deck was filled with service men standing so straight and uniform. I searched hard to find my father in his white uniform with his “scrambled eggs” on his hat (those showed his rank). Really hard to find your dad when there are hundreds of men that dress just like him! A band was playing and then in the sea of happy chaos, hugs, kisses, tears, there he was walking towards us. He couldn’t make up his mind who to hug so we all got it at the same time. Very special and powerful moments for our military families! As much of a sacrifice as it is to miss your father, mother, brother, sister…somehow those homecomings leave such an imprint on our heart it is worth it. Not to say that it didn’t take a while for my dad to get used to the sound of cartoons in the morning instead of the hum of a ship’s engine, or my brother and I fighting over some toy or who gets the seat next to dad at the table. The reality of military life is sacrifice, constant sacrifice, but I’m proud of it, I wouldn’t have changed it and I’m proud of Harrison’s father and mother for contributing to protecting our freedom. It’s worth it. Thank you Daniel and Ashley.

  1. Ashley says:

    These photos are so wonderful. I can’t believe the size of Harrison. He is so huge now…almost 17lbs! I’m dreading his deployment but I know that the homecoming will be amazingly special. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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