Sara and Derek turned a rainy and cold March day into something really special. There were so many tender moments! I think the pictures tell more of their story than words:) The fun really started when Sara got a note from Derek saying that he was trying to learn to tie a tie. I visited the guys to see how things were going and enjoyed watching them look it up on the internet and tie all sorts of different "looks", but not quite what was needed for a wedding day. They had to visit the front desk where a kind hostess helped them tie their windsor knots to perfection. Then Derek saw his bride for the first time...that was really sweet. Sara surprised Derek with one of Jack's antique cars. Derek was happy to ride around (in the rain) in style. blog_ostermyerblog_ostermyer2blog_ostermyer3blog_ostermyer4blog_ostermyer5blog_ostermyer52

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  1. Lorie Dillingham says:

    This was such a special day…..a beautiful day…one with a great deal of sentiment. You managed to capture the entire day from beginning to end on film. You totally took command of your camera and WOW, the results were fantastic!!!!!!!This is truly a love story that unfolds in front of my eyes every time I view them. Thank you Jennifer.

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