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Babies, Portrait

December 12, 2010

Niklas and Alexandra. 4. months. old.

I love traveling with my camera to client’s homes.  It presents unique lighting situations as well as a personal touch to the images.  At 4 months of age Alexandra and Nikklas are by far the chubbiest set of twins I’ve ever seen.  Krista was so sweet welcome me into her home to enjoy this little cherubs. They weren’t feeling so great, so it was awesome I traveled to her. Despite being a bit cranky we did pretty great!  It was a pleasure spending time with you and your little ones, Krista.  Honestly I don’t know how you manage it!  I look forward to seeing you in a few months when they are sitting up:)presser-7 copypresser-6 copypresser-17 copypresser-19 copypresser-9 copypresser-4 copypresser-15 copypresser-11 copypresser-16 copy

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