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October 23, 2009

Lindsay and Michael

Lindsay and Michael are such a perfect fit.  So loving and sweet together.  When Lindsay contacted me I recognized her last name and found that I know her father, Ken.  Such a small world and it gets smaller everyday.  I am honored to be part of their wedding and LOVED spending time with them.  Being engaged is such a special time.  All the planning and decisions is a lot to handle, but when you think about how brief a time it is you spend anticipating your marriage it is such a good idea to take some time together and be excited.  Lindsay and Michael are definitely excited…love the converse, Michael and the shoes from Paris, Lindsay!deuser-088-20deuser-092-21deuser-066-17Untitled-3deuser-059-16deuser-046-12deuser-040-10deuser-100-23deuser-051-14deuser-003-1deuser-023-4

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