So in love...the way they touch each other and look at each other is amazing.  I didn't even need to meet Patrick to know how much he treasures his bride.  He was full of surprises and so attentive towards Jessica from the start.  I am thrilled to have been part of their day together!!  Hope NY was awesome!  Their family is awesome, btw!
This one is my favorite from the day!

This one is my favorite from the day!

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3 responses to “Jessica and Patrick”

  1. Momma J says:

    So beautiful!! I can’t wait to see them all!!!

  2. Mom Carol says:

    Absolutely gorgeous….could be in a magazine….

  3. Aunt Cindy says:

    WOW~absolutely stunning. I’m excited to see all of them. You guys are gorgeous, and the pictures are excellent.

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