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May 28, 2009

Ashley + Sean

New Year’s Eve 2009 is going to be GREAT with Ashley and Sean.  I am so excited to spend the day with them and their wonderful family. We went to the IMA for their engagement session recently and I got to know Sean a little bit better.  Aren’t they so adorable together?  Ashley’s eyes are WOW and Sean’s dimples make you smile.  I really love these two.  We finished the session and then both started to drive away and realized we forgot to take pictures in front of the famous LOVE statue by Robert Indiana.  Glad we caught it!norris-57-21norris-39-18norris-123-10norris-61-22norris-136-13norris-128-11norris-94-35norris-22-16norris-108-4norris-100-1norris-70-27norris-95-36

  1. Nan says:

    Ashley, loved the one by the rocks, but they are all beautiful, you just look beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    I glad you remembered the Love statue, that one too is so good. The Photographer did a really good job. Cant wait to see the Wedding Photo’s.
    Luv ya, Nan

  2. Nan says:

    Dear Ashley, my beautiful granddaughter.
    The Engagement pictures are just beautiful, so hard to choose, but I love the one by the rocks, it really shows off those beautiful eyes of yours and good of Sean too. They bring tears to my eyes, as my little granddaughter is so grown up, as she should be. So proud of you,cant wait to see the wedding photos in that beautiful gown.
    Luv ya, Nan

  3. Laurie says:

    Sean and Ashley,

    These are beautiful pictures. Sean you are so handsome and Ashley you are just beautiful. You are so right for each other and I’m so proud to call you my son and soon-to-be daughter.

    I Love You

  4. Lori Norris says:

    Ashley & Sean,
    The photos are absolutely beautiful! We are so excited for you and so proud of you both. Can’t wait for New Year’s Eve!

  5. Nicole says:

    The pictures are beautiful! You both look amazing! It makes me realize how much I miss you & I can’t wait to spend more time with you & Sean during all the wedding festivities. Congratulations again & I will see you in Indy soon!
    Love you both,

  6. Marge Norris says:

    Marilyn and I loved your pictures. I have to agree that the one by the rocks was my favorite, too. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We’re looking forward to the wedding. Love, Nana Marge

  7. Jeff says:

    Jennifer did a wonderful job! You both look fantastic and can’t believe what a wonderful ending we will have to 2009!

  8. Great Aunt Jan says:

    Ashley, While all the pictures are great, guess my very favorite is the one in front of the rocks. Also love the one where you are holding hands, looking at each each, with the wall behind you. Also love the one where you are both looking up. Sure glad I don’t have to decide which is best! Love you and wish you oodles of happiness! great Aunt Jan

  9. jennifer says:

    Hi Everyone. I can’t wait to meet all of you on New Year’s Eve!

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